87 year-old woman robbed and assaulted

The woman police confirm was assaulted around noon yesterday in her driveway at the corner of Bradley and Reynolds. Neighbors say the area is usually quiet and safe.

The victims family declined any comment today but said they neither confirm or deny and sexual offenses.

Neighbors are worried the violent act could lead to more crime in what they say is a quiet part of Flint.

"I thought it was safer because of where I came from the north side of Flint. There's too many bullets flying over there and this area looked safer,â?? said the victims neighbor Patty Gilbert.

Gilbert says a bullet came into her daughters room where she lived before. And canâ??t believe the news of a robbery right across the street.

"I am scared for her. I'm thinking of going out and getting a CCW just to protect myself. I don't want to have to do that but it looks like I might have too,â?? said Gilbert.

Since her neighbors attack Gilbert is taking more steps to protect herself .

"I'm having someone walk me from my car to my door and just watch my back and have someone with me at all times,â?? said Gilbert.