9-year old Bay City girl hailed as hero after steering family car to safety

Jacey Jones, 9, is being hailed as a hero after helping steer her family's car to safety,

A nine-year old Bay County girl is being hailed as a hero. Jacey Jones steered the family car to safety after her mother had a seizure while driving.

Jacey Jones is the quiet but strong type.

The fourth grader is the oldest of three girls so she's used to taking charge.

â??Sometimes when my mom is cooking dinner, I have to watch them and stuff,â?? says Jones referring to her little sisters.

The nine-year oldâ??s take-charge instinct kicking in one morning on the way school.

â??I was just driving her to school like any other day and I, I woke up a few hours later in the hospital,â?? says Samantha Jones, Jayceâ??s mother.

The elder Jones was driving the family's Hyundai down the curvy, Westside Saginaw Road back in September.

â??I had a seizure while I was driving,â?? says the elder Jones.

Jacey was sitting in the back of the car--her sister right next to her when her mother started having a seizure in the front seat. That's when Jacey climbed from the back, grabbed the steering wheel and was able to steer the car safely into the school parking lot.

I was on the other side of the building and then went out around the parking lot and saw all the commotion,â?? says Rev. Paul Theiss, a chaplain for Michigan State Police.

Once in the parking lot, Jacey drove the car in circles, grabbing the attention of another parent.

â??A parent had jumped in and put the car in park and took the kids in,â?? says the elder Jones.

â??I was just really scared,â?? says Jacey.

â??I really believe it,â?? says Samantha.

Neither could dad-- he raced to the school and saw the car.

â??Thatâ??s one of the mailboxes she took out--it smashed this whole side of the window,â?? says Jeff Jones pointing out the damage to the family car. â??Uou could see a mailbox smashed there. This whole quarter panel was ripped off."

While the family car is banged up, Jeff and Samantha Jones are glad the family is one piece with a hero leading the way.

â??My daughter was amazing and she saved us that morning,â?? says Samantha.

Michigan state police awarded he fourth grader with a Distinguished Citizens Award on Thursday.

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