911 Camp gives kids an interactive experience

911 Camp is teaching kids what to do in the event of an emergency as well as not being afraid of the men and women sent to save them.

"Letting the kids learn about safety aspects, how to call 911 fire safety medical flight safety and regular emergency safety and CPR," said Camp 911 Coordinator Dave Rapacz.

The free one day safety camp for kids is offering interactive experiences that can save a life.

"the first thing i would do is get my baby brother and take him outside and see if everyone is okay," said camper Kaitlynn Wells.

Kids say it's easy; learning what to do and when from EMTâ??s with experience.

"We deployed for sandy, we deployed for katrina we are the only privately owned disaster assistance team in the state," said EMT Noah Farrer.

Tours through emergency vehicles gave children a chance to learn and make an early career choice.

"I got inspired to be a person who drives the ambulance, ive been thinking about it since i was five," said Wells.

A saint mary's helicopter touchdown gave kids a unique opportunity to see what they call an ambulance in the air.

"The younger we start it the more they learn and hopefully carry it throughout their life and hopefully teach others as they go along," said Rapacz.

911 Camp is continuing throughout the summer. There are dates in July and August. For more go to Camp 911â??s facebook page,