9/11: The tragedy that changed American's lives

The world watched in horror as thousands died during a terrorist attack on 9/11/01 / File Photo

Cries filled the city as smoke and debris billowed through the streets. The horrific images of planes careening into the buildings played again and again on Television screens around the nations. September 11, 2010- a day America has not forgotten.

Fear gripped the hearts of everyone as news outlets reported on the nearly 3,000 lives lost in the terrorist plot. The event left families destroyed, heroes lost, and a nation in shock.

Ten years later, the nation continues to mourn the loss of those who died during the unthinkable attack.

Friday, NBC25 dedicated the Morning Show to remembering those who lost their lives that tragic day. We spoke with Mid-Michigan people impacted by the horriffic attack. You can watch the clips from the show below:


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