A bizzare way to break a record!

The reported record low temperature was set Tuesday night at 10:09pm.

I must admit I was absolutely stunned to see that Flint's temperature briefly dropped to -11° at 10:09pm Tuesday to set a new record low. (image 1)

The reason I was so surprised is tied to the hourly temperature trends (image 2) reported last night at Flint's Bishop Airport.

Notice that the temperature actually rose from 1° to 2° between the 9:53pm and 10:53pm observations.

The record low of -11° occurred at 10:09pm.

For this record low to happen, the temperature would have had to have dropped 12° in 16 minutes, then rise another 13° to get back to the 2° reported at 10:53pm!

Furthermore, the dewpoint would have also needed to take a pretty sharp drop from -6° to -11° (or lower) in that same 16 minute time period, and then rise back to -3° for the next hourly observation at 10:53pm.

This all seemed pretty unlikely to me at first glance.

However, I did exchange emails with the National Weather Service (NWS) office in White Lake, MI and they said the new record low is probably legit.

Hearing them say that gives me more confidence, but I still have a little bit of doubt lingering in the back of my mind.

The NWS also reported -- in a separate incident -- some ice could have collected on the thermometer in Port Huron over the weekend, putting one of their overnight lows in question.

Could this have happened in Flint Tuesday night? I'm not sure.

As I said, I have confidence in the men and women at NWS White Lake and I am aware that with clear skies and variable to calm winds -- such as we had Tuesday night -- wild temperature swings can happen.

I just wish I was a fly on the wall -- or a squirrel in the snow -- at Bishop Airport's instrument shelter on Tuesday night to see that wild ride in temperatures for myself.

For a look at your extended forecast that includes some milder temperatures, click on the video!