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      A cold front for the ages

      The strong cold front that swept across the United States on November 11th and 12th of 1911 caused severe weather in some locations, including Owosso where an F2 tornado occurred. Photo courtesy of <a href="http://www.shiawasseehistory.com">www.shiawasseehistory.com</a>

      A cold front that swept across much of the nation -- including Michigan -- on November 11th and 12th, 1911 created one of the biggest temperature drops in history.

      The temperature in Detroit at midnight on the 12th was 65 for a high, but the mercury fell to 16 for a low at 11pm.

      That's a temperature drop of 49!

      In the Plains, the temperature plunge was even more extreme.

      Oklahoma City dropped from 83 to 17, setting a record high and low for the date, and the records still stand!

      Springfield, Missouri dropped from 80 to 13 for a record high and low that still stand!

      In addition to the wild swings in temperature, severe weather was common across the Midwest with the passage of this cold front.

      Owosso, MI experienced its worst tornado in history at 11:11pm on November 11, 1911.

      The tornado destroyed the City Steam Laundry building, the Estey Furniture Factory B, and damaged several homes and churches around town.

      As you might imagine, the severe weather was a direct product of this very strong cold front.

      Unseasonably moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and a powerful jet in the upper levels of the atmosphere interacted with this cold front to cause strong tornadoes in parts of Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Indiana as well as Michigan.

      Meanwhile, back in 2013, we're tracking a warm front that will come through here early on Thursday morning.

      This front will bring readings back to above average levels by the weekend, without any threat for severe weather.

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