A dog is rescued in Saginaw after being left for dead in the woods for three weeks

A look at "Addy", a name given by her rescuers which means "awe-inspiring". / Dave Kinchen

I was horrified, said Saginaw resident Dawn Vargas after learning of an abandoned dog found in a wooded area behind her South Michigan Ave. home. Her daughter made the discovery while walking through the woods with her boyfriend.

Investigators said the white Dalmatian mix was tied to a tree for as many as three weeks, surviving everything from hot temperatures to torrential downpours.

Their intention was to make sure she was not found, Vargas said. She was behind a building. She was in the woods on the other side of a hill. Her rescuers named her Addy which means awe-inspiring.

Well-wishers have donated everything from food to money to the Village Veterinary Clinic in Hemlock, where she is being cared for, under the supervision of Dr. Mike Manzoni. Vargas has a message for whoever left Addy to die. As much as the authorities can charge them with animal cruelty, that TMs what I want for them.