A fire in Genesee Township has left one man dead

An ongoing fire at 4436 Mollwood Dr in Genesee Township

A fire in Genesee Township has left one man dead.

Fire crews were called to the 4-thousand block of Mollwood Drive near Genesee Road.

They arrived around six o'clock this morning.

Family memebers tell us 83-year-old Lawrence Prevo, his wife Patricia and their daugter, Loretta were inside when the fire broke out.

Genesee Township Fire Station No. 1 Captain Don Fremd says Lawrence was unable to escape the fire.

He says his wife and daughter were taken to an area hospital and suffered burn injuries.

NBC 25 spoke to Lawrence's son, Jerry Prevo who was brought to tears as he spoke about his father.

He was on his way to work when he heard about the fire at his parents home.

Jerry says they are a large family but very close.

He also mentioned his father had some ailments that may have prevented him from moving quickly while trapped inside the home.

Prevo's son, Jerry, told us his father was a "great man" and that the only way the family will get through this tragedy is with each other.

Fremd says wind was a factor and hindered the ability of the firefighters to put out the blaze.

The Davison Fire department and Burton Fire department assisted on the fire.