A new way to raise money has come to Flint

The Michigan Corps, Kiva and Mayor Dyane Walling present their new partnership.

The Michigan Corps and Kiva, an organization that helps facilitate small loans between people and businesses, are teaming up in Flint to help new businesses owners get the money they need.

Kiva is an organization where people can loan money to small businesses in increments of $25. The small business can borrow up to $5,000 from the pool of money that people are choosing to loan.

"The launch of Kiva in Flint extends a unique opportunity to nurture community pride and engage citizens in contributing to positive developments across our city," said Flint Mayor Dyane Walling. "It's great to have a new way to bring our community together in support of small businesses in this exciting way."

The hope is that Flint residents and organizations can now support the businesses in the city in a new way, beyond just as customers or mentors. Now they can act as lenders as well.

In order to loan money to a business in Flint or to learn more about borrowing, you can go to