A science exploratory park will take the place of Genesee Towers

A science park has been announced as the replacement for the Genesee Towers.

Officials with Uptown Reinvestment Corporation confirm they will build a hands-on science museum after Genesee Towers is imploded. The outdoor park will feature wind towers, a xylophone and a sun dial.

Officials say they're hoping to attract more families downtown and have an open green space for downtown employees to enjoy.

"We're going to have an exciting urban plaza which is going to be called Exploration Park," says Ridgway White, project manager for Uptown Reinvestment Corporation. "Exploration park simply put in its concept is where we take a science exploratorium hands-on museum and move that outside. So, it'll be an exciting place for kids to come and play, roll around, explore new things and also a place for office workers to have lunch," he adds.

Officials would not confirm an exact date for the demolition but have previously told NBC25 News, the implosion is set for sometime in December.