A tortoise has returned home after "running" away

Franklin, the runaway tortoise

A pet tortoise named "Franklin" is back home in Davison Township after disappearing for several days.

The 60-pound Franklin escaped from its home on Thursday.

The owner, Chris Breuhan, started putting up flyers hoping that someone had seen the wayward tortoise.

The man who found Franklin on Sunday did, in fact, see one of the flyers. Franklin's adventure away from home took him about a half-mile away.

Breuhan was worried that a vehicle might run over his pet, though he had no concerns about wild animals.

"Nothing will eat him," Breuhan said, noting that: "He's too big."

The tortoise is still growing, and is expected to reach about 100-pounds according to Breuhan. He acquired Franklin about 7 years ago. Tortoises can live to be more than 100-years-old.