A watermain break at Dow Chemical in Midland creating traffic issues

A water main break at Dow Chemical is causing some traffic to be diverted away from the property.

The break is at the Washington Gate of Dow Chemical in Midland.

Southbound traffic on Washington Street near Discovery Way is being diverted.

We have a crew at the scene attempting to gather more information, though they are not currently allowed on the Dow property.

Dow Chemical did release a statement to NBC 25 about the watermain break.

The statment reads:

A water main break was discovered in the main line at Michigan Operations earlier today.
The leak has resulted in flooding to Washington Street inside Michigan Operations. Therefore we have temporarily closed Washington Street gate to all Dow traffic. There will be an impact to traffic around the alternate gates at Michigan Operations.

At this time there is no impact to our operations. All safety systems remain operational.
Dow is working closely with the City of Midland to repair the line.

Rob Vallentine

Public Affairs Director

The Dow Chemical Company

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