Abducted baby found safe in Saginaw

Photo Credit: Matt Storm

Police in two states were hot on the trail of two Saginaw parents Saturday. Authorities say, they left Michigan to avoid child protective services because their baby boy was born with cocaine in his system. The two day old baby boy was checked out in a Saginaw Hospital because testing positive for cocaine can have serious side effects.

Hurley Medical Center Neonatologist Dr. Ray Chan says "there's a decreased blood supply to the brain sometimes they may have influx or clots in the brain. The child's parents could be facing charges. Fred and Margaret Badenhoop, of Saginaw, fled the Toledo hospital Friday night with the newborn before child services could take custody. Saginaw police tracked them down in the city.

Sergeant Bill Wauford of the Toledo Police Department told NBC 25 that: "they felt that perhaps if they came to Toledo, instead of Michigan, that they could come down here and have the baby and Saginaw child services perhaps wouldn't be aware."

Toledo Police have filed child endangerment charges, but tell NBC 25 they will not extradite the Saginaw couple back now that police have removed the baby, from the Badenhoop's custody.

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