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      Abduction of gas station clerk leads to new safety efforts

      Jessica Herringa has been missing for more than 7 months.

      More than seven months have come and gone since anyone has seen Jessica Herringa. No cameras were installed at the gas station where she worked overnights in Western Michigan.

      ??If cameras or a second employee had been in place, I think Jessie would still be here today,?? says Shelly Herringa, Jessica??s mother.

      Lawmakers and gas station clerks agree---having security cameras or a second employee working the overnight shift should be law.

      ??It's just for our own safety,?? says Niran Dakki. She works the counter at the BP in Clio.

      Three security cameras watch her and the customer's every move.

      ??You never know, things happen all the time, especially this time of the year,?? says Dakki.

      Down Vienna Road, Ned Jalou, who owns 29 gas stations, says the legislation needs expansion.

      ??I advise---not even the gas stations---every retailer store to have the camera system,?? says Jalou.

      ??This is a common sense bill. This is about protecting workers working late at night,?? says Representative Collene Lamonte (D) who is sponsoring the legislation called "Jessica's Law."

      Clerks add that the law will also protect customers.

      ??They're going to feel more safer and know that everybody's watching,?? adds Dakki.

      Rep. Lamonte will introduce the bill in the Michigan House of Representatives on Tuesday.