Accused murderer Michael Lawrence back in court for preliminary hearing

Michael Lawrence sits in court as witnesses take the stand in his preliminary hearing Tuesday.

Accused murderer Michael Lawrence returned to a packed courtroom Tuesday afternoon to see if he'll stand trial in the April homicide of his young child's mother.

Lawrence's son â?? who was three years old at the time Angelica Olivarez was killed â?? was the first to take the stand. Media and cameras were not allowed in the courtroom during his testimony.

Saginaw police officers Doug Wortley and Patrick Bush testified next, followed by an auto detailer who found Lawrence's son wandering the neighborhood hours after Olivarez was killed.

Pedro Delgado told the court the boy said, "His father killed his mother." Delgado said he walked to the boy to the boy's house, where he found Angelica Olivarez in a bedroom, unresponsive.

Saginaw Police Officer Patrick Bush, who walked with the boy to his grandfatherâ??s house, told the court, â??While standing there listening I heard a couple different times that [the boy] said, 'You know, my mom's dead,â?? to the grandfather.

â??He instructed that his father hit his mother in the nose and caused her nose to bleed,â?? Bush said.

Pedro Delgado said, â??He told me what was wrong and what happened, so I went down to the house and opened the door, he told me to look underneath the door and I did that, opened the door, and found the young lady there.â??

Angelicaâ??s mother, Theresa Medel, said, â??I hope that somewhere deep down inside [Michael Lawrence] he's realizing what he's doing to his own child.â??

The medical examiner was unavailable to testify Tuesday.

The hearing will continue on a later date yet to be determined.

Last month, Lawrence learned he will stand trial in the August 2012 shooting death of six-year-old Lay'la Jones.