A.C.L.U asks Department of Justice to expand Milton Hall shooting investigation

Milton Hall

More than a year has passed since Milton Hall was shot and killed by Saginaw police officers after hall threatened officers with a knife.

The wound is still fresh for hall's mother, Jewel.

â??Everyday, it's just like it just happened. It's so painful. It's very painful. It was my only son,â?? says Jewel Hall by phone.

She too wants the Department of Justice to expand its investigation into the shooting death of her mentally ill son.

â??In a town like that with 57-percent black people and you have 8 policeman surround him and shot at him 46 times, that's unheard of in this country,â?? says Hall who lives in New Mexico.

â??A very thorough and complete investigation ought to be undertaken at all levels,â?? says Terry Pruitt, Vice President of the Saginaw chapter of the N.A.A.C.P.

Following the death of Hall, a new citizen's advisory board was established to address concerns, while improving community relations

â??I am hoping with this program in place and the citizens and the police department working together, that could be a positive change,â?? says Gary Loster, former mayor of Saginaw.

â??The citizens advisory board is definitely a step in the right direction,â?? says Pruitt.

All police officers involved in the shooting cleared of any wrong doing but leaders say there is still work to be done.

â??Iâ??m just glad they're looking into it and certainly there needs to be a balanced approach,â?? says Loster.