Active shooter training preparing Saginaw County law enforcement for school shootings

Law enforcement from across Saginaw County are working together to make sure if and when an incident does happen, they have the right tools and techniques to keep people safe.

Dozens of badges and boots from across Saginaw County.

â??A little over 300,â?? says Scott Malace of the Saginaw Township Police Department.

â??Every officer in this county is going to receive some training,â?? says Detective Sargeant Pat Darrow with the Michigan State Police.

Theyâ??re coming together to prepare for the worst.

â??It could be in a factory, a post office anywhere as we've seen throughout history,â?? says Malace.

Long guns, hand guns, no matter the weapon, these officers are making sure they're ready.

â??We hear about them more and more,â?? says Darrow. â??These incidences are occurring and it's up to us to be prepared."

The officers are running through active shooter drills all week.

â??We run through six scenarios and each has a training objective,â?? says Malace. â??We do a de-briefing and we talk about what could be fixed a little bit.â??

The training is preparing them for any type of attack--whether it's a gun or a knife.

â??Weâ??re going to use the same tactics. We're going to try and locate where the threat is at and take care of the threat,â?? says Malace.

â??If something's going to happen, we're going to be prepared,â?? says Darrow.

Training together ensures these officers have the same game plan if and when a threat does occur.

â??No matter who shows up and what order they show up in, we're going to respond the same to that incident,â?? says Darrow.

These officers are staying ready so they don't have to get ready.