Additional state troopers headed to Flint after 7 homicides in a week

Cherish Hill-Renfro was found dead alongside her mother.

Seven people have been murdered in Flint in just six days. Two of the victims are children.

â??They arenâ??t all random acts,â?? says Det. Lt. Brian Cole with Michigan State Police.

Trashawn Macklin, 9, was a student at Freeman Elementary School.

â??Trashawn had a bubbly personality and he had a smile that would light up any room he walked into,â?? says Anita Miller, principal of Freeman Elementary School.

That light was dimmed when the second-grader was gunned down last week.

â??I was heart broken,â?? says Miller.

As if that wasn't enough, another Freeman student was murdered just five days later.

â??That just sent me over the edge,â?? says Miller.

Cherish Hill-Renfro, 12, was found dead along with her mother on Saturday.

â??Michigan State Police and Flint Police are working tirelessly on all these homicide cases. We do have persons in custody and we are seeking warrants for other persons,â?? says Cole.

Lt. Cole adds state police are dedicated to fighting crime in Flint.

â??Right now we have 26 troopers and 8 detectives but more are coming in the next month,â?? says Cole.

But Congressman Dan Kildee says that's not going to cut it. He wants federal agents to help patrol Flint.

While that may be a distant hope, Anita Miller knows somebody needs to help Flint because her students can only take so much.

â??Come Fall, I don't how Iâ??m going to explain this to them,â?? says Miller.