After a normal September, October starts warm

September was close to our long-term average in Flint in terms of temperature.

Our average temperature for the month was just 1.2° above the 1981-2010 average of 61.6°.

Rainfall, however, was very paltry 0.61" in September 2013.

This is 3.14" below our long-term average for the month.

October 2013 will start dry and warm with a high around 80°!

This warm weather will last through Saturday, but our rain chances will increase as we head into the weekend. (Click the video for your complete forecast.)

Our average high on October 1st is 66° and our average low is 44°.

We lose a lot of ground in our average temperature in October as our average high and low drop to 54° and 36° by Halloween.

The long-term outlook for the month of October calls for a good chance of above average temperatures with equal chances for above or below average rainfall (images 2 and 3).