Air tanks and minds equiped for water rescues

Dive rescue is an emergency. The goal is saving a life all within the golden hour of opportunity where a victim can be successfully brought back to life.

"We got to get there get them out and start immediate medical procedures on them," said Saginaw County Dive Team Commander David Sommers.

Dive Rescue International from Fort Collins, Colorado is giving local dive teams the tools they need to excel as safely as possible.

"Itâ??s all about that diver going home, its all about that diver making a successful recovery for family or evidence that they are looking for," said Scott Huff from Dive Team International.

Members of different dive teams across Mid-Michigan are taking notes together because most dive operations include multiple agencies.

"It puts everybody on the same page so when we have to work together everyone can work together," said Sommers.

However, divers say finding the target underwater isn't their only search effort.

"These teams need to have the right funding to keep them safe," said Huff.

Dive rescue international classes are not free.

And finding the funding to keep dive teams afloat is one of their largest, most important finds.

"Thatâ??s what keeps these divers alive, what keeps these teams working and functioning for the

The dive team is not letting a temperature drop stop them this year. They are going to be breaking through the ice and training throughout the winter months.