Airport police officer Lt. Jeff Neville thanks medical staff who saved his life

Lt Jeff Neville was stabbed on June 21st in an alleged terrorist attack at Bishop International Airport. (Photo credit: Tom Metevia)

Lt. Jeff Neville expressed his appreciation to the staff of Hurley Medical Center on Monday.

He was the guest speaker for the hospital's charity golf classic at the Flint Golf Club .

Neville told the crowd about his attack on June 21st at Bishop International Airport where he suffered a 12 inch stab wound to his neck.

Neville was taken to Hurley Medical Center where he had surgery and spent weeks recovering.

“I started out as a victim, then I went to warrior, then I went to patient, then thanks to people in this room and the paramedics and the staff at the airport the last, number 4, I am a survivor, I’m a survivor," said Lt. Neville.

Lt. Neville says he still has some nerve damage in his face but is otherwise in good shape.

The alleged, Amor Fitouhi faces terrorism charges and will be back in court in January.

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