Alleged bank robber shot and killed by security guards

A security guard shot and killed a suspected bank robber in Flint Friday m­orning. It happened at the Chase Bank on Corunna Road near Ballenger Highway.

A yellow tarp shields the grizzly scene in the lobby of this Chase Bank. Security guards spotted a man wearing a trench coat and a mask walking towards the bank around 10 Friday morning.

â??As the man came through the lobby doors, they observed the long barrel of a rifle underneath his coat,â?? says Captain T.P. Johnson of the Flint police department.

That's when two security guards told the suspect to drop the .22 caliber rifle. Instead, they say he pointed the gun at the guards.

"The security guards at that point, fired upon the suspect, striking him at least one time and subsequently killing him,â?? says Johnson.

"It's sad, I think people are desperate,â?? says T. Money. He owns the tattoo shop right across the street. He says heâ??s not surprised to hear the bank was robbed again.

No, no, no, not at all. Doesn't surprise me at all,â?? says T. Money.

This bank has been robbed twice in the past six months, the bank offering no comment NBC 25 News but police telling us this is not an isolated event. They say there's been a slight uptick in bank robberies across the city.

"You never know what's going to happen. Crime is up but there's a lot of good people in these neighborhoods, been here for a long time,â?? says Derek Sywyk.

Police have not confirmed what company the security guards worked for.