Almost 30 abused dogs seized from two Flint homes

One of 29 dogs seized from two Flint homes on Tuesday

Monday night, paramedics from the Genesee County Sheriff's department responded to a routine call in the 3300 block of Senaca Ave. in Flint and noticed something unusual.

Dogs, lots of them. Seeming to be housed in two small homes.

On Tuesday the Genesee County Sheriff's Department responded and, executing a search warrant, removed almost 30 dogs.

Genesee County Animal Control Director Walt Rodabough said 27 dogs had to be euthanized because they were too vicious.

"We had to tranquilize them just to get close to them," said Rodabough.

"I'm glad none these dogs got loose because somebody would've been torn up by these dogs."

Rodabough had several bites and scratches from the dogs.

Sheriff Robert Pickell was at the scene and told NBC25 the dogs were living in squalor. He said there was no food or water and many had bite marks and other injuries and were covered in feces.

Pickell also said drugs were seized from the homes in addition to steroids that were used to treat soft tissue injuries so dogs can fight again.

There was also a treadmill device with wires attached, used for shocking the dogs to make them more aggressive.

One person has been taken into custody as the investigation continues.

Rodabough said next Monday he is meeting with Genesee County Board Commissioners to propose a task force and a tip reporting hotline to help crackdown on dog fighting operations.