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      Almost $40,000 in equipment stolen from car dealership

      Several new SUV??s are sitting on blocks and a vehicle is gone after a weekend theft in Saginaw County. The suspects striped Rick Ford Sales in Hemlock of thousands of dollars in parts and labor. Police say a crime like this shows they are dealing with well trained criminals.??At this point it appears that its individuals that are professionals working in tandem to travel throughout the state but we really don??t know,?? said Sheriff William Federspiel.

      The Criminals shattered the rear window then used the tire jack stored in the vehicle to remove the 18 inch chrome wheels off each car.

      ??The dollar amount is high and the time it will take to repair but in terms of a total loss or totaled vehicle it??s nowhere near having a totaled vehicle,?? said Co-Owner Matt Rick.

      The Saginaw Sheriff??s Department is using the counties auto theft team and are investigating items used in the crime like the tire jack and bricks propping up the vehicles. If you have information nyou should contact the Saginaw County Sheriff??s office.