American football legend Ron Kramer dies at 75

Neighbors of American football legend Ron Kramer are reacting to his death Sunday night.

Kramer died at his home in Fenton Saturday.

NBC25 talked with some close friends of Kramer TMs.

Colleagues of Kramer say he was one of the great Michigan athletes of the 20th century.

His friends say he loved his animals, peace and quiet, and being generous to his neighbors who helped him in the last few years of his life.

Former Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers tight end Ron Kramer died at his home in Fenton Saturday night. He was 75.

"It TMs really a shock for the community and for Michigan," said Kramer TMs neighbor Bob Miller.

Bob Miller is one of Kramer TMs neighbors.

He says Kramer may have died of a heart attack, and emergency crews tried to revive him for an hour.

"I know he had heart surgery and back surgery within the last month, month and a half; I think it was too much for his body," said Miller.

For the past 20 years he lived alone at this residence, neighbors say they came over quite often to check on Kramer, and to help out with household chores.

"Friends of ours and myself could tell that he just wasn't the same," said Timothy Hudson, Kramer TMs Neighbor.

Neighbors say Kramer talked about his two kids often, and after an illustrious athletic career, considered his children his greatest accomplishment.

"I know that his son was out here, and Tim says last week he went out to dinner with him, so I am glad they had that time together, and his sister was with him when he passed," said Miller.

Timothy Hudson was Kramer TMs close friend for 20 years, he says Kramer was philosophical and learned life lessons from him.

"Don TMt sweat the small stuff, you probably won't remember it tomorrow anyway," said Hudson.

Hudson is even mentioned in Kramer TMs book called, That TMs Just Kramer.

"As much as I got out of him being my friend, it TMs going to have an affect on my life not having him around anymore," said Hudson.

What will remain is number 87.

Kramer is just one of five numbers retired by the University of Michigan in football.

At U of M, Kramer played offensive and defensive end, running back, quarterback, kicker and receiver.

After retiring, he operated Ron Kramer Industries in Fenton

Details about Kramer TMs funeral have not been made available.