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      Angelo's Coney Island enjoying benefits of GM's third shift

      Neil Helmkay, owner of Angelo's Coney Island in Flint, talks to NBC25's Jane Park about being featured on Rock Center in its special, "The Graveyard Shift: Vehicle City."

      Flint, the Vehicle City, will be in the national spotlight tonight when NBC's Rock Center takes a rare, inside look at General Motor's Van Slyke Assemly plant Wednesday at 9 p.m. The report is called "The Graveyard Shift: Vehicle City,?? a story that focuses on the return of the assembly plant's 3rd shift, the people who work there and the effect on the local economy.

      Already, the return of jobs at GM is having ripple effects at nearby small businesses. Angelo??s Coney Island, a 63-year mainstay in Flint, expects to hire a few more waitresses with the new influx of business.

      Neil Helmkay spoke with NBC25 Wednesday to talk about the positive impact GM??s third shift will likely have on his business.