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      Angelo's Coney Island on NBC's Rock Center

      There was a day all the tables and stools at Angelo??s Coney Island were occupied.

      "People actually had to stand up and wait to get a table back then, when all the shops were open,?? said waitress Geraldine Grosinky.

      It was the heyday of General Motors and Angelo's served up thousands of coneys to hungry auto-workers.

      These days, it's a little quieter at the 63-year mainstay. But the return of a graveyard shift at GM's truck assembly plant is good news for owner Neil Helmkay.

      "I'm happy about it,?? he said. ??I'm sure a lot of other people in this community are happy for it."

      GM's third shift is national news featured on NBC??s Rock Center Wednesday night. You can watch it here. Reporter Mike Taibbi got a look inside the plant where 750 new full time jobs - average pay around $29 dollars an hour - are back.

      "This is a commitment that they're making because they believe the company has turned the corner. Or, at least, has taken the early steps to do so,?? Taibbi told NBC25 news in a satellite interview Wednesday.

      Helmkay was also on Rock Center, excited to be on national TV, but even more excited Angelo's will be there to feed the hundreds of idled workers back on the job.

      "We've needed it for many years now, so hopefully it starts to turn around,?? Helmkay said.Watch The Graveyard Shift: ??I feel like I??m back on track.' Rock Center with Brian Williams special features Flint.