Angel's Night fire destroys Habitat for Humanity home in Flint

The home was reduced to rubble. / Aaron Smith

A habitat for humanity home was burned down Sunday during what fire officials call 'Angel's Night.'

The newly renovated three story, two thousand square foot home had recently been completed by Habitat for Humanity . Now its been reduced to ash.

Neighbor Tony St. Marie says, "Oh, I was tremendously sad for it."

Another neighbor, Luke Fithin shares the sentiment saying, "I think it's a shame. I mean they're trying to fix the house up and make this city more presentable."

A needy families dreams also went up in smoke with it. Tony St. Marie continues saying , "Well it would have went to a family in need and it would have gave them a place to raise their family."

The family is homeless once again even after investing their own time to help build the home. They'd been working since August. It's a thirty-five thousand dollar loss.

Nathan Jurek witnessed the building saying, " They had all new roof, windows everything. They were redoing it making it nice you know."

The home is now a casualty of Angel's Night. The family will have to start all over again at square one. Habitat for Humanity volunteers who helped to renovate the home say its a low blow to a family that couldn't really afford the setback.

Habitat for Humanity volunteer Patrick Osdras says, " Just the compassion of what we're trying to do to help other families in need and its just a shame that its got to come down to this and now we got to start all over again."