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      Animal rescue facing foreclosure

      Goats, horses, roosters and racoons -- all thriving thanks to the Wild Oat Animal Rescue.

      But now owners are facing the reality of foreclosure.

      "We have two weeks to save these animals, and if the public doesn't come though and help us reach the goal, we wont be able to continue," said marketing manager Angela Alexander-Roth.

      Since 1999, Michelle Allen and her family have run the rescue, but fell on hard times this winter. Earlier this year, Allen was injured at work and came up short on payments.

      They owe $9,000 by Aug. 15 and are $5,100 away from their goal.

      "They can make all of their current payments, but they do need some help with public donations." Alexander-Roth said.

      To raise money they are hosting fundraisers on Facebook, you can name one of the animals or get in on a silent auction.

      "Naming an animal is a great way to memorialze the rescue and leave a legacy," Alexander-Roth said.

      The Allens have left their mark on Genesee County and hope they can continue working with wildlife, getting animals back into the wild.

      "All the animals are rehabilitated and are eventually sent back to the woods," Alexander-Roth said. "If not, Michelle finds them an educational program to go into."

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