Another arrest made in the disappearance case of Owosso man

Andrew Idle

Another arrest has been made in the case of the missing Owosso man, Aaron Idle.

Andrew Idle, age 26 and the brother of Aaron, was charged with conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and as a habitual offender, third notice. Both charges are related to the disappearance of Aaron Idle back in March of 2013.

This is the second arrest in the case, with James Cummings, a 35-year-old of Owosso, also having been arrested in August.

Police say that back on March 23 Cummings was with Aaron Idle. While together both Aaron Idle and Cummings, according to officials, used controlled substances.

Police believe that Andrew Idle may have been the one to deliver the illegal substances to James Cummings.

It was during this, says the sheriff's office, that Cummings found Aaron Idle dead. They say Cummings then took Aaron Idle to a dumpster, and placed him inside.

The dumpster and its contents were later taken to a landfill. Idle's body, police have said in the past, is believed to be unrecoverable.

Andrew Idle has a preliminary hearing scheduled for January 14th at 2pm at 66th District Court.

The Shiawassee County Prosecutor's office says that they are still looking at one more suspect in connection to the case, though no name will be released at this time.