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      Anti-bullying policy adjusted in Bay City Schools

      Bay City Schools adjust anti-bullying policy.

      It's an unfortunate and life altering experience that has taken away some kids lives. Bullying happens all over the world, but in Bay City they are adding bullying techniques to help stop the trend.

      Nearly 50 percent of children will be bullied or bully someone at some point during elementary or middle school, according to the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Your child could be one of them.

      In Michigan the state requires an anti-bullying policy to be implemented in all school districts. Schools have until July 30th to have it approved by the board. Bay City schools adjusted their policy Monday night.

      Bay City Schools Superintendent, Doug Newcombe said, "it really comes down to respecting each other and respecting our differences."

      Newcombe said bullying is not something kids just come up with.

      "In a lot of cases the kids are learning the bullying from adults," added Newcombe.

      He said he hopes to bring in speakers to talk about their experiences next school year.

      Whether it's cyber bullying or degrading someone in the hallways, Bay City schools want no part of it.

      "The fact of the matter is, this is not a problem that occurred over night and we're not going to save it overnight," responded the superintendent.

      Newcombe also told NBC25 that a group of Bay City high school students have started a project to bring awareness to bullying. They presented their Champaign Monday night at the meeting.