Anti-bullying rally sends message that Clio stands together

Levi Peabody is astonished by the outpouring of support for him and his family.

"I'm glad I could be some part of like a voice for people like me" says Levi.

Just weeks ago, Levi found a homophobic slur spray-painted beneath his bedroom window.

His family believes Levi was being bullied for being openly gay.

But what happened next was something the Peabody's say is simply amazing.

"There has been a lot of support, a lot of people are coming together. We have PFLAG here to help out and they're known for support in all 50 states"says Mark Peabody, Levi's father.

"My main purpose for coming forward was to hopefully catch whoever did the damage to my house but instead it became this big anti-bullying awareness thing and it needs to happen" says Melanie Peabody, Levi's mother.

Thursdays rally bringing family, classmates, and strangers together, to show that the city of Clio stands united against bullying.

"Clio is a good community it really is" says April Compton, the rally's organizer.

"It bad thing happened and it needs to be fixed" says April.

And Levi hopes this is a start.

"I hope that this can get much bigger than Clio, I hope that this can become an issue that eventually that if bullying can get resolved, anything can get resolved" Levi says.