April 2013 Pretty Normal in One Sense

I've spoken with a lot of people who weren't happy with how "cold" April 2013 was.

But was it really THAT cold?

The numbers say it wasn't.

In fact, the 4th month of 2012 was actually just a little bit below average.

In Flint, the average temperature for the month was 45.1°, which is just 1.3° below average.

In Saginaw, the chill was a little bit more significant at 2.4° below average.

Still, neither statistic is anything to write home about in my opinion.

In Marquette, my hometown, April 2013 was 5.5° below average and Fargo, ND recorded 10.3° below average!

So we were relatively fortunate around here to experience a pretty typical April in terms of temperature (rainfall, of course, was record-setting... But that's a different story!).

In my opinion, it seems this spring is getting off to an exceptionally cold start because March 2012 is still fresh in people's minds.

That month was 14.3° above average in Saginaw and 15.4° above average in Flint!

April 2012 was close to the long-term average in both cities.

And so was April 2013 when you put it in perspective.

May 2013 is looking warm through the early part of next week with highs in the 60s and 70s for the most part.

Beyond that point, we may see things cool off once again.