Arctic air blasts its way to Mid-Michigan on Veterans Day

This will most likely be the coldest air-mass this season, season being autumn since we aren't in winter just yet.

The cold front will dive in late in the morning Monday and there is plenty of energy with it to blast us with wind, below freezing temperatuers, and all kinds of precipitation.

Tri-Cities residents: Temperatures will drop almost immediately with below freezing temperatures being hit near lunch.

This temperature drop will cause the scattered rain showers to change to snow, and mixing the wind with snow will cause even a light flurry to be a visibility hazard.

Northern County residents: Same deal, but snow showers are the main concern and we are going to have to watch for ice on the roadways in the morning if the rain happens to freeze faster, BE CAREFUL.

Southern County residents: We get some extra time but not much with below freezing temperatures slamming into us by a timeframe of 3-5pm.

Rain showers turn to snow showers but the good news is accumulations will be light, possibly up to half an inch.

There is a chance for lake effect enhancement along the thumb edge from Bad Axe all the way down towards Port Huron to make it towards an inch, but this is still something that needs to be watched and updated hourly.

After the front clears out we may have a burst of windy snow or 2 but we clear otu overnight and that si when it gets brisk.

Sunshine remains for the middle of the week with another system sliding in by the weekend with mroe rain, but warmer.

On a side not, Super Typhoon Haiyan has been named the strongest cyclone EVER to make landfall with sustained winds of 195 mph and gusts of 235 mph when it made its initial landfall.

To put it in an easier way to understand the devastation, imagine an upper-level EF-4 or low-level EF-5 tornado, the type that hit Joplin, MO, but on the scale of a hurricane.

This put it above the Category 5 ratings, wow.

Keep the residents in the Philippines in your thoughts along with the U.S. forces that have been sent there to help relief efforts with Veterans Day on Monday.