Are condoms in schools okay?

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A new and controversial policy will be put to the test in Springfield, Massachusetts next month.

Condoms will be coming to the public schools.

It's a move that was approved by the school committee back in april and a change that community health advocates say, is desperately needed.

In Springfield alone, 27-percent of 12 year-olds and more than half of all high school freshmen are already sexually active.

Despite that, many parents believe the policy could give the wrong impression.

"When they issue a condom to these young kids, boys, they're going to go after the girl because the first thing they're going to say is: 'Oh, they gave us condoms--it's O.K. to have sex.'; and I think that's wrong," said Daphne MacDonald.

The policy's goal is strictly to reduce teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

We're asking facebook fans this morning if they feel condoms have a place in schools? Is this new policy taking things too far? Chime in now!