Area Leaders hope to ban K2

K2, or often called Spice, is a plant that is sprayed with a chemical and results in the user getting high.

Lieutenant Patrick Richard with the Flint Area Narcotics Group said it does have some marijuana ingredients in it, but what it does to your body is totally different.

"It will give you rapid heart rate. It will cause hallucinations, uh vomiting and memory loss. All sorts of very violent effects on your body," Lt. Richard said.

What people and many times kids don't know is that the effects happen pretty instant or it could kill you. They are attracted to the bright packaging, grape, mango and apple flavors and catchy names like Mean Green and Spice King.

In Miami, a man ate another man's face. Closer to home a Farmington Hills boy beat his family with a bat and both of them where said to have taken K2.

"Like any drug, the effects will be a little different, but what we are finding now is that people hallucinate which causes things to be not what they are," Lt. Richard said.

In hopes of stopping the drug from getting worse in Genesee County, the Fenton chief of police sent out a letter pleading to ban K2 at area businesses.

"I wanted to be proactive with it and reach out to the store owners and clerks in town and ask for their pledge not to sell it," Chief Rick Aro said.

The chief said people are complying, but it is still an issue.

F.A.N.G. seized several thousands of packets from about three busts. However, the Lt. said in order to get it off the streets, it up to parents to take action.

"The younger generation and what they are doing is telling everybody that it is legal. It's not marijuana, so it's legal. I would suggest to people out there to talk to their kids. If you find out that your kids are doing K2, Spice or bath salts or anything like that, try to deter them away from it as best as you can," Lt. Richard added.