As children head back to school it's important to know how to prevent meningitis

It TMs a disease that is easily spread, and the results are devastating. It can eat away at a person TMs hands and legs, and even lead to death.

Below, are some shocking videos of survivors of meningitis, a potentially deadly disease common particularly in young people:



It TMs important for parents to be aware of meningitis, particularly during the school year. The disease is a bacterial infection that strikes thousands of people a year. Most of the victims are young people who go to school or work in populated areas.

According to the National Meningitis Association, the contagious disease is spread through the air and direct contact (ex: coughing or kissing). Once a person TMs infected, it travels through the blood stream throughout the body, damaging organs along the way.

There are several different types of meningitis. The most dangerous is Bacterial Meningitis. You can find out more about how Bacterial and Viral meningitis are spread by clicking on the CDC website link here.

The only way to prevent the disease is through vaccination. Right now, the State of Michigan requires Middle Schoolers, beginning in 6th grade, to have the shot if they TMre transferring to a new school. While it TMs not required yet, it is strongly suggested that children over age 2 receive the meningococcal conjugate vaccine to prevent the disease.

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