Atherton school board votes to close elementary school


Atherton school board members voted Monday night to close Vern Van Y Elementary School. Students will be moved to Atherton Middle School this fall.

Board members voted 6-1 in favor of the closure. While the majority of the staff will be transferred to the middle and high schools, board members say one or two teachers could be laid off.

Students in kindergarten through grade 6 will be moved to the middle school. The high school will host grades 7 through 12. Superintendent John Ploof said he will put an advisory committee together to explore options on what to do with Van Yâ??s building.

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Discussions will continue tomorrow on closing Vern Van Y Elementary School in Burton.

The discussions have been on-going since November of last year.

Superintendent John Ploof sent a letter home to parents telling them about a new committee consisting of parents, community members, teachers, and administrators that was formed to discuss the districts facility usage.

The letter also said that closing a building is necessary.

Vern Van Y is the district's oldest building with the least amount of student capacity.

The district has hinted at creating a kindergarten through sixth grade building at the middle school.

The school board meeting is tonight at 6:00 PM at the high school media center.