Average Last Freeze

Average last freeze information for the entire state.

Long-term averages show that the average last Spring freeze for the Flint area occurs on May 6th.

For Saginaw's Tri-Cities Airport, the average last freeze occurs on April 30th.

So is it safe to start planting?

No, not just yet.

Of course, these are just average dates and there is still a risk of experiencing freezing temperatures well into May at both sites.

To be safer, there's a 90% chance that the last freeze in Flint will occur on or before May 19th.

For the Tri-Cities Airport, this 90% date is on May 13th.

This particular Spring, there's a good chance that a freeze will occur sometime early next week.

A strong cold front will come through on Saturday night.

Once high pressure settles-in behind that front on Sunday night, our winds will become light and our skies will clear.

This will allow temperatures to approach or fall below the freezing mark in many locations.

Beyond Sunday night, the official one month outlook calls for near-average temperatures (see image-1).

So if you want to plant sometime next week, the odds say that it's safe to do so for most of mid-Michigan.

But you first might want to check the average frost/freeze data for your specific area on the map shown on image-2, or look it up on this website ( as these dates can vary widely from one town to the next.

Happy planting!