Back to the Bricks brings boost to business

As cars cruise into downtown Flint, car owners and spectators are bringing their wallets along for the ride.

The four-day event attracts thousands of people to downtown Flint but not just for the cars.

Local businesses dotting South Saginaw Street are cashing in.

"Even in bad weather it's always been packed down here. It's on one of the most successful things I've seen happen," said Tracey Whelpley, owner of The Lunch Studio.

Blackstone's in Flint has been open for five years.

Owners say it's one of the most successful times of the year for their business.

"It's about three weeks of business in a four-day span for us," said Blackstone's owner, Dave Lurvey.

In addition to a boost to the local economy, the event is also increasing the city's morale.

"It's something great and positive for downtown Flint that all the businesses look forward to it and it's a great event a lot of fun," said Heather Lurvey, owner of Blackstone's.

And, a lot of work.

"I'd say we look forward to it, but also look forward to the day after on Sunday," said Lurvey.

Business owners say do not let the looming crowds scare you off.

"There will be room for everybody so don't worry about that," said Whelpley.

Business owners say Saturday is the busiest day for them.

For more information on Back to the Bricks, click here.