Back to the Bricks rolling cruise kicks off

It was a feast for the eyes and ears as classic cars made their way down Saginaw Street.

In downtown Grand Blanc, proud owners displayed their cars in the parking lot of the Hot Dog Stand as spectators meandered through the vehicles.

On the sidewalks people set up lawn chairs to see the slow cruise of cars making their way in through Flint and Burton.

Car enthusiasts say the event is a way for people to relive the days of cruising up and down the streets and showing off the hours of work they'd often put into their cars.

Gerry Johnston of Grand Blanc was showing off his 1963 Austin-Healey. "I think a lot of us, the nostalgia, I think a lot of people go back to the first car they had or owned as a family as a kid or whatever. I mean, this was one of the first sports cars I owned was the Austin-Healey," Johnston said.

The rolling cruise revs up again Thursday night from 5 to 9 p.m.