Back to the Bricks wraps up 13th year

Excitement is building and the engines are revving up ahead of next week's Back to the Bricks event. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

Thousands hit the bricks Saturday to check out the cars and entertainment as "Back to the Bricks" wrapped up. From the hot rods, the classic cars, to the muscles there was something for everyone.

Cars lined up from side to side, as far as the eye could see. Organizers were hoping 300,000 people would come out to the bricks this year.

Car enthusiast Patrick Finnegan says its all about the people

“The people love to come out and see us, we’ve been at a lot of the car shows around Michigan, we have a good time, we have a comradery with the crowd,” says Finnegan

Finnegan and his crew keep the crowds engaged with an act and full costumes with the hopes of bringing smiles to many faces. He says that's what makes the maintenance worth it.

“It’s kind of a labor of love, it didn’t look like this 20 years ago believe me the windows were broken the motor didn’t run, it’s something like most of the guys, you just put a little bit of money into it each year and you work on it, you’ll never get that money out but that’s ok, the people like it,” says Finnegan

Chris Curnow says he comes out every year to continue a family tradition.

“This was my dad’s truck originally and he passed about 4 years ago so I inherited the truck and he did all the truck, I did nothing on this truck. He made the pirate, handmade, he made the mannequin and he did the paper mache and did all the art work himself. So all I do is put gas in it and change the oil and we’re good to go," says Curnow.

Despite the various makes, models and colors, one this was universal for those attending.

“It’s a fun time. I enjoy myself, I enjoy working on cars, I enjoy looking at cars, been doing it for about 4 years”

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