Baker College offering new photonics major in laser technology

It's not everyday you get to work hands on with lasers, but students in Flint will now be offered a head start in a section of the job market that is constantly expanding.

Photonics is the study of generating and manipulating light, in this case laser light.

Baker College is the first in Michigan to offer a 2 year technician degree.

The college is teaming up with 50 companies in Southeast Michigan alone who need photonics techs.

Technician jobs range from automotive, to entertainment, and well in to the medical field.

New technicians will work on everything from installing fiber optic phone lines, to working on new and more accurate ways to fight cancer.

"Baker is really interested in bringing forth programs which support and respond to industry needs" says Dr. Anca Sala, Dean of Engineering and Computer Technology.

"I conducted a survey and I was aware there are electronics companies in Michigan, but using the survey it turned out that yes they do need people, they do need technicians especially".

Only 250 photonics techs graduated in the entire country this year, and the industry needs at least 3 times that many every year.

Check out both videos for the full in-depth view on photonics.