Bakery fundraiser supports teacher battling Leukemia

A sign at Great Harvest Bread Company telling the community about the fundraiser for Lisa Hoffman.

The Grand Blanc community is pulling together to help a local teacher who is dying of Leukemia leave behind a lasting legacy.

Great Harvest Bread Company sold bread and cookies and other baked goods on Sunday with the proceeds going toward Lisa Hoffman's medical expenses as well as a scholarship fund for Grand Blanc students.

Lisa Hoffman is an elementary school teacher at Myers Elementary School in Grand Blanc.

Family members say the outpouring of support is overwhelming.

Over 600 loaves of bread and 400 cookies were sold between 9 am and 11:30 am according to Bob Hoffman, Lisa's brother.

"Thank you thank you thank you to the people in this area," says Bob Hoffman.

Bob Hoffman says community support like this is the medicine she needs to keep going.

"My goal was to put a smile on her face. That's what I wanted to do. If that was me, I want somebody to do that for me," says Scott Sassack, owner of Great Harvest Bread Company.

The event comes at a meaningful time for Lisa and her family as another big event is right around the corner.

"Her wedding is next weekend. I'm just awestruck by the support the community has given to her," says Bob Hoffman.