Ballot proposals dissected in open forum

Panelists Woodrow Stanley, Jack Minore, and Paul Rozycki discuss the 6 Michigan proposals at Tuesday Night's forum

Panelists Tuesday night dissected Michigan's six ballot proposals scheduled for next Tuesday's vote in an open forum at Mott Community College. The panelists were State Representative Woodrow Stanley (D-Flint), former Democratic State Rep. Jack Minore, and Mott professor Paul Rozycki.

Stanley weighed in on proposal 1, which could repeal Michigan's emergency manager law. He says many people believe the law undermines democracy. "We encourage people to vote," Stanley said, "well when I've taken away your right to select a person of your choosing to be your advocate that is a hollow request."

Proposal 2 would put collectively bargained state workers contracts above any laws passed by the legislature and preserve the contracts no matter what by Constitutional Amendment. Rozycki says this is probably the most hot button proposal because it could be a boost or a death knell to the state's public unions. "If that fails, the odds are we may see allot of a right to work state - if it passes we'll guarantee we won't see a right to work state." Proposal 2 is one of 5 proposals that would change the State Constitution. Proposal 1 is the only one that wouldn't.

You can see a complete list of ballot proposals here.