Bank robbery suspect surrounded in Shiawassee County

      Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department says it has a bank robbery suspect surrounded.

      *** UPDATE ***

      Police tell NBC25 that the standoff is over, and that the suspect has been captured.

      There are no details yet as to how the suspect was captured.

      *** END UPDATE ***

      Police say a bank robbery suspect is surrounded in a deer blind near Bancroft just north of I-69 in Shiawassee County.

      Officers have him trapped in a one-mile perimeter, as of 10:45pm on Monday.

      The man is accused of robbing a bank in Okemos and then leading them on a chase to Shiawassee County.

      He headed east on I-69 toward Bancroft where police forced him into the median. His car got stuck in the snow and he ran into the woods.

      Helicopters and K-9 units were brought in to track him down.

      The sheriff says he is sure the suspect is the man officers have surrounded in the deer blind.