Barn fire proves deadly for multiple horses

Firefighters respond to a barn fire that has left multiple horses dead

Michigan State Police arson investigators are now on the scene of a barn fire in Burton that happened about 4:00am.

Deputy Chief Ken Gould told NBC25 that 10 horses are confirmed dead at the Midnite Sun Training Center in the 5000 block of Lippincott.

He also told us that the barn normally houses 12 horses.

Most of the horses are housed for other people.

The owners of the barn also own three of the horses, which were let out of the barn to roam the property a day or two ago.

It has been confirmed by Deputy Chief Gould that three horses have been confirmed as alive, though there is no word as to the ownership of those horses.

This is the third fire at this location in the last two months.

Lippincott between Cutler and Potter is currently closed due to the fire.

Genesee County Animal Control and Michigan State Department of Agriculture are on the scene at this time.

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