'Batman vs. Superman' filming underway in Metamora Township

Amidst rumors of Batman and Superman film being shot in Michigan, NBC25 confirms the film location in Metamora Township.

New information confirms the partial filming of 2016â??s â??Batman vs. Supermanâ?? in Metamora Township, Michigan. A letter sent to residents around the filming site, a former Girl Scout camp on Caley Road, ties the production company to the â??Batman vs. Supermanâ?? film.

People living on Caley Road in Metamora Township havenâ??t seen activity at the Girl Scout camp since it closed in 2006. Since October people on Caley Road have seen construction and security crews working on what they say is Batman versus Superman being filmed in their back yard.

"My son actually moved to LA to be in the movies but here it is right across the street from us they are filming a movie," said Metamora Township resident Ted Rickabus.

Rickabus lives across the street from what he says is a film site for a Batman Superman film.

"To be this close we can literally walk there in about two minutes," said Rickabus.

After receiving a letter from Crown City Pictures in October. Rickabus has been watching crews work on what the letter from Crown City Pictures details as a temporary project.

"It (the letter) came from one of the guys who is running the show," said Rickabus.

According to the Pure Michigan Film Office, the only temporary project Crown City Productions has is for what they call â??Superman/Batman by Warner Brothers.â??

"Here it is right across the street from us they are filming the movie," said Rickabus.

Rickabus says since February construction crews have left and the full time security has been absent. A source with Crown City Production confirms filming is not complete at the site but movie goes like Rickabus are going to have to wait for any more details.

"Were going to be dieing to see the movie, not so much for the action but where in the world that house was," said Rickabus.

In the letter sent to neighbors Crown City Pictures says that when they are done with the project everything will be cleaned up and returned to its original state.