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      Bavarian Inn hosts pretzel-making, Easter festivities

      Families in Frankenmuth celebrated Easter learning the art of rolling authentic Bavarian pretzels, instead of the usual painted eggs and baskets full of treats. The Bavarian Inn invited dozens of families to get in the Easter spirit. Kids and parents rolled up their sleeves and learned to roll pretzels.

      ??We have 41 people here today learning the pretzel story,?? said Abby Marshall of the Bavarian Inn, ??learning how to make pretzels and the Easter bunny is here with them today as well. There also going to be getting glitter tattoos and they are going to be doing a scavenger hunt and taking pictures with the Easter bunny."

      Marshall said making pretzels with Santa during Christmastime was such a hit, the restaurant brough this activity back, and this time invited the Easter bunny.