Bay City all set for fireworks spectacular

We're just hours away from the kickoff to the Bay City fireworks festival. Thousands of shells are standing by at Bay Cityâ??s Veterans Memorial Park ready to light up the night sky.

These girls are here for one thing.

â??The rides---the fireworks,â?? says Samantha and Madeline.

Well, maybe two but they know the perfect spot to watch Bay Cityâ??s fireworks show.

â??By the river,â?? says Madeline.

Which is where the pyr technicians at Wolverine Fireworks have been setting up all week long.

â??If you're on the water, I mean, it's running from east to west instead of north to south like it was last year,â?? says Jennifer Campau who has been working for Wolverine Fireworks for 7 years.

This year's festival bringing more boom to Bay City.

â??First two nights, it's a couple of thousand,â?? says Campau.

Even more fireworks are shooting off on Saturday.

â??Probably over 30,000 shells are going to go up in the sky,â?? says Campau.

All this will only cost viewers $1.00 for a close-up view in Veterans Memorial Park.

â??10:12 every night is the start time for the show,â?? says Campau.

And if the fireworks arenâ??t enough excitement for you, there's always the amusement rides, right across the river.

â??Donâ??t eat a lot before you come because you might throw up,â?? says Samantha.

â??Just have a lot of fun and don't be scared,â?? says Madeline.

Don't worry if you can't make it to Bay City.

"Wolverine has a lot of shows going on like Midland, Flint, Mount Pleasant,â?? says Campau.

Bay Cityâ??s fireworks festival takes place Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 10:12 p.m.